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Battle for Milne Bay with Michael Veitch

Alex Lloyd speaks with author Michael Veitch about the Battle of Milne Bay in 1942.

Life on the Line tracks down Australian war veterans and records their stories. Today's bonus episode is with author, actor and presenter Michael Veitch, widely published on the subject of Australian airmen's experiences in World War II. His ninth book, TURNING POINT, is about the Battle of Milne Bay in 1942. Michael spoke about the book and this fascinating, relatively untold piece of history with Alex Lloyd.

Michael has appeared on the podcast before to discuss his writing career, love of history and his seventh book, BARNEY GREATREX, which was worked on by Alex Lloyd and Angus Hordern. You can find out more about this book here and also listen to Season 1 podcasts on the topic:

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--RIP Barney Greatrex

The last image in the above slide is of Alex Lloyd at the Yushukan in Tokyo, Japan, in January 2017. This is discussed in the podcast.

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Brothers in Arms with Geraint Jones

Alex Lloyd speaks with British Army veteran and author Geraint Jones.

Life on the Line tracks down Australian war veterans and records their stories. Today's bonus episode is with Geraint "Gez" Jones. Gez deployed three times to the Middle East as an infantry soldier in the British Army's Royal Welsh regiment – twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. For his actions in Basra, Gez was awarded the General Officer Commanding’s Commendation. Upon leaving the military, Gez worked to protect commercial shipping against Somali and Nigerian based piracy. He now writes full-time and is a Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author of fiction and non-fiction books. He’s just released his memoir – “Brothers in Arms” – a recount of his time in Afghanistan. Gez spoke to Alex Lloyd about his military career, primarily on the Afghanistan deployment, his battle with PTSD and journey of post-traumatic growth.

The final photo below was taken by Tim Kolczak of The Veterans Project.

Lessons of a Combat Doctor with Dr Dan Pronk

Alex Lloyd speaks with Special Forces combat doctor Dan Pronk, in Dan's third podcast appearance.

Life on the Line tracks down Australian war veterans and records their stories. Today's bonus episode is with Dr Dan Pronk. Dan is a former combat doctor who passed SAS selection and deployed to Afghanistan four times, serving in over 100 combat operations with the Special Air Service Regiment and 2nd Commando Regiment. In this podcast, he spoke about life lessons and methods for motivation he learned from his time in uniform, and in his life after - and how he has channelled that into his new book, "Average 70kg D*ckhead".

Buy Dan’s book on Amazon in print, ebook and audiobook format.

And read Dan’s article ‘Abandoning the Tribe’, as discussed in the interview.

Discover Dan’s full story of service in his original two-part interview with Sharon Mascall-Dare, in #31 Dr Dan Pronk Vol I and Vol II.

Dan also came on the podcast in the special episode Voodoo Medics with Mark Donaldson VC, Dr Dan Pronk and Kristin Shorten to speak about that particular documentary.

WarriorU with Bram Connolly

Life on the Line tracks down Australian war veterans and records their stories. Every week we also have a bonus episode, where we speak to historians, authors and others in the veterans community. Alex Lloyd spoke with Bram Connolly, a former Special Forces officer. Bram is now an author, founder of WarriorU, podcaster at the WarriorU Podcast, and a mentor. Alex spoke with Bram about his pursuits in life after service, and all things human optimisation. 

Bram returned to the podcast in Season 3 in #47 Bram Connolly to discuss his military service with the Australian Army and 2nd Commando Regiment.

Launching Barney Greatrex with Michael Veitch

BARNEY GREATREX is the biography of World War II veteran Barney Greatrex, written by bestselling author Michael Veitch, based on the research by Alex Lloyd and Angus Hordern. This podcast is a highlights compilation from the book launch on 8 November 2017. See more photos from the launch at Buy the book now by clicking here.