#68 Harry Moffitt

Alex Lloyd interviews former Special Forces team commander Harry Moffitt.

Life on the Line tracks down Australian war veterans and records their stories. Harry Moffitt is a former team commander in the Special Air Service Regiment. He passed selection in 1990 and finally left in 2015, when he decided his body, family and future would best be served by moving on - 25 years after he initially joined the Regiment. Harry has extensive operational experience, including deployments to Timor and the Middle East. He spoke to Alex Lloyd about the psychology of being an elite soldier, leadership in high-tempo deployments and how best to equip yourself for life after service.

Read more about Harry’s service and the cricket bats he took to war in this Sydney Morning Herald article by Nick McKenzie.

The closing music of the episode is by The Externals, an Australian SAS original rock band. Harry is the band’s singer-songwriter. The track is called “Edge of the World”. Look up the band on Facebook and Spotify, and find out more on the 16th episode of The Unforgiving60 Podcast.