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Lessons of a Combat Doctor with Dr Dan Pronk

Alex Lloyd speaks with Special Forces combat doctor Dan Pronk, in Dan's third podcast appearance.

Life on the Line tracks down Australian war veterans and records their stories. Today's bonus episode is with Dr Dan Pronk. Dan is a former combat doctor who passed SAS selection and deployed to Afghanistan four times, serving in over 100 combat operations with the Special Air Service Regiment and 2nd Commando Regiment. In this podcast, he spoke about life lessons and methods for motivation he learned from his time in uniform, and in his life after - and how he has channelled that into his new book, "Average 70kg D*ckhead".

Buy Dan’s book on Amazon in print, ebook and audiobook format.

And read Dan’s article ‘Abandoning the Tribe’, as discussed in the interview.

Discover Dan’s full story of service in his original two-part interview with Sharon Mascall-Dare, in #31 Dr Dan Pronk Vol I and Vol II.

Dan also came on the podcast in the special episode Voodoo Medics with Mark Donaldson VC, Dr Dan Pronk and Kristin Shorten to speak about that particular documentary.

Launching Barney Greatrex with Michael Veitch

BARNEY GREATREX is the biography of World War II veteran Barney Greatrex, written by bestselling author Michael Veitch, based on the research by Alex Lloyd and Angus Hordern. This podcast is a highlights compilation from the book launch on 8 November 2017. See more photos from the launch at Buy the book now by clicking here.