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Barney Greatrex - Out Now

Barney Greatrex - from Bomber Command to the French Resistance - the stirring story of an Australian hero. BARNEY GREATREX is the biography of World War II veteran Barney Greatrex. Written by Michael Veitch, based on the research by Alex Lloyd and Angus Hordern. This book was inspired by the documentary miniseries FOR SCHOOL AND COUNTRY by Thistle Productions, the makers of this podcast. We collaborated with publisher Hachette and bestselling author Michael Veitch to produce this awesome account of Barney’s life. 

Australian Airmen's Untold Stories with Michael Veitch

Life on the Line tracks down Australian war veterans and records their stories. Most weeks we also have a bonus episode, where we speak to historians, authors and others in the veterans community. Today’s bonus episode is not with a war veteran, but a veteran of writing about them. Michael Veitch is a well-known author, actor, comedian and former ABC TV and radio presenter. His publishing bibliography includes an impressive list of books about Australian pilots who fought in World War II. Among others, he’s the author of FLAK, FLY, HEROES OF THE SKIES, 44 DAYS and out now is his new book BARNEY GREATREX.