LIFE ON THE LINE is the podcast that tracks down Australian war veterans and records their stories. From World War II to Afghanistan and Iraq, these are the stories of Australian men and women, each of whom put their life on the line for their country. Listen to some of our most popular episodes here.


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LIFE ON THE LINE is the brainchild and third veterans project of Thistle Productions. After producing the documentary FOR SCHOOL AND COUNTRY and collaborating with bestselling author Michael Veitch on BARNEY GREATREX, the team wanted to continue recording the stories of Australia's servicemen and servicewomen. Thistle Productions co-founder Alex Lloyd came up with the idea of a podcast, documenting each veteran's story in a one-on-one conversation to share with a national and international audience for free in an engaging, accessible and modern format. Read more on the team behind the podcast here.

The vision of LIFE ON THE LINE is to capture the raw human stories behind the broader brushstrokes of history, and to explore service: why people serve, and how a life of service changes them. From acts of valour to the trauma of conflict, and how veterans can grow and change from that trauma, this podcast seeks to discover the human side of war, the truth of battle scars and what it's like to really put one's life on the line.


Season 1

Season 1 of the show began in September 2017 and finished in December. It released 16 veteran conversations, and as many bonus episodes, with Alex Lloyd, Angus Hordern and Thomas Kaye conducting the interviews. It also covered the story behind and release of the BARNEY GREATREX book.

Season 2

The show returned with Season 2 in March 2018. Sharon Mascall-Dare joined the Thistle Productions team, recording veteran conversations in Adelaide. This season finished in September, after airing 54 podcasts, including 33 veteran interviews.

2018 Specials

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Christmas on the Line LOGO.jpg

The podcast expanded its one-on-one interview format in October with the Panel Talks, along with some extra bonus episodes. Over the first two seasons, the Thistle Productions crew came across some recurring veterans issues and struggles, spanning across different conflicts, deployments, ranks, service branches and even generations. Alex and Angus got back together with some veterans to have panel discussions on these topics.

Life on the Sea premiered in November. Life on the Sea is a special 7-episode documentary-style miniseries, a spin-off of the main podcast. It profiles 9 Royal Australian Navy veterans who served in either the Korean War or the Vietnam War.

In December, the year’s end will be celebrated with Christmas on the Line. This special podcast will feature previously untold stories of Christmases in uniform from veterans of Season 2.

The Future

The podcast’s main format of one-on-one veteran interviews will resume in 2019, in Season 3.

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