#34 Antony Greatrex

Life on the Line tracks down Australian war veterans and records their stories. Today's conversation is with World War II veteran Antony Greatrex. The RAAF veteran is the younger brother of the late Barney Greatrex, who our long-time podcast listeners will remember from Season 1. Barney had an epic war – a bomb aimer in Bomber Command, shot down, the only survivor of his Lancaster, eight months fighting with the French Resistance against the Germans, ending in a Legion of Honour in 2016 and a book in 2017. The memory of Antony’s war has always lived a bit in Barney’s shadow. Antony, along with half a million other Australians who put on a uniform, never went overseas to fight. He had a logistical support role – a high-frequency direction finder, or Huff-Duff operator. But after knowing the family some years, Antony invited Alex Lloyd to his home to finally go on the record about his World War II service.