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Retracing the Resistance with Charlie Mort

Life on the Line tracks down Australian war veterans and records their stories. Most weeks we also have a bonus episode, where we speak to historians, authors and others in the veterans community. Today's bonus episode is with Charlie Mort. For the final episode of Season 1, we’re back to the story of Barney Greatrex. Barney was a bomb aimer in Bomber Command, the sole survivor of his Lancaster being shot down, and then spent eight months fighting the Germans with the French Resistance in Occupied France. In 2013, his nephew, Charlie Mort, orchestrated an incredible family trip to France to retrace Barney’s crash site, the places he went to on his journey, and meeting the relatives of those with whom he fought. Ninety-three-year-old Barney was the guest of honour in this epic tour of remembrance. Alex Lloyd spoke to Charlie about the trip, and how they went about retracing the Resistance.